A walk in Paris, in the world, as a path of discovery, pleasure and wealth.


This walk is like a winding path through a curved space,

soft and fluid, accompanying you to discover all the collections.

Each range is approached as an independent work in an art gallery where each presentation is scripted.


A poem, a visual, a showcase... for each jewellery style is part

of the "mise en scène".

Some alveoli and apses emit confidential private spaces behind

"this skin" to isolate yourself.


Sensuality, softness, femininity, all in curves and against

curves in skin tones, jewels are offered in boxes located on the rings of a 8.


8 is a tribute to the birth of JULIETTE, 08/08 in the 8th

as its universal symbolic referents, 8 represents the cosmic balance, infinity, and the link between the earth and the sky to Western societies.

Always positive, between serenity and luck, 8 is omnipresent

in our subconscious. It's feminine curves are expressed in each element

of the concept, since the implementation, the floor in several materials,

the ceiling with disbursed strengthening the implementation,

and wall materials expressing the route and flexibility.

The facade is conceived as an invitation to travel. The external extraction is made of curtains with windows on jewellery and communication.

The path is punctuated with windows products and convivial spaces giving the retail space a feeling of tranquility and pleasure.

Design  by HATSUAN